Gord and Marg Quarrie: Frozen Lamb, Wool, Blankets, Sheep Skins, Vegetables, Art

Gord and Marg Quarrie: Frozen Lamb, Wool, Blankets, Sheep Skins, Vegetables, Art

We moved from Cambridge to our farm near Port Law (south east of Flesherton) in the spring of 1995.  Our philosophy was to learn how to live in harmony with the land and to develop a farm where we could grow our own food without chemicals.  Our business name came from our involvement at the time with the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge which provided native teachings about our connection with the earth mother. The name Spirit Walk described our journey on the farm.

In 1998, we bought 20 Rideau Arcott ewes and began to raise lambs for wool and meat products.  We shear our sheep in the fall and the fleece is made into blankets, rovings for hand spinning and carded wool for making felt.  Our Angora goats supply us with mohair for blending with wool to make yarn and  blankets.

At our market booth we have an assortment of frozen lamb cuts including chops, roasts, ground,  stew, and sausage.  This year we have introduced pepperettes and summer sausage.  We can also have a lamb cut to your specification if you would like to stock your freezer.

We love to incorporate an artistic element into everything we do.  Marg creates original coloured pencil sketches of beloved pets. Working from photographs, she is able to capture the personality of each animal. We also have farm animal and water coloured herb cards on our display rack that have been inspired by the beauty and diversity of Grey County.

We have always looked forward to the spring and to the start of the Flesherton Farmers’ Market and the chance to greet our regular customers and the many newcomers who drop by the market each year.
We hope to see the market continue to thrive and grow as a relaxed and friendly place where friends can meet and share a few moments together.